New or returning members may join SkiTOPS at any time. Participation in upcoming events is subject to event registration deadlines, and whether the event has already sold-out.

SkiTOPS Network

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Ally Specific Registration

Now you can meet with Sellers AND Buyers to get the most out of your SkiTOPS experience.

Who is an Ally?

Any company that sells goods or services to both the Seller and Buyer members of SkiTOPS. Example: Software, Insurance, Advertising, etc.

How it works?

- You may bring one attendee or more if desired
- You will register for Network / University as an Ally Member
- You will receive a list of all attendees two weeks prior to the event to reach out for appointments
- You will have booth space in the main area outside the Network Hall
- You will meet Buyers inside the Hall at their table during the arranged meeting time
- Sellers will meet you at your booth during their assigned time
- You will have all the same great access to our fantastic networking events

How much does it cost?

The yearly dues are $2,000.00 - Includes one participant to Network / University. All attendees to the Network pay the same registration fee ($600 per attendee).

One Annual Membership Fee Includes:
  • One (1) attendee to Network/University
  • Additional attendees $600.00 each
  • High traffic exhibit space
  • Access to SkiTOPS conference attendee list & member database
  • Potential to host webinars and industry networking events
  • Logo and branding exposure
  • Full access to SkiTOPS Steep Thoughts calls & local meet ups

    Be a part of our "By the Industry for the Industry" not-for-profit organization - an institution in the Ski Industry for over 35 years!

    How can we sign up?

    Submit the form below. An account will be set up for you. Accessing that account will enable you create a prfile and register for Network / University.

    Why now?

    We have been monitoring this category for the last several years and see a need to create a space for these valuable members of our industry. SkiTOPS is the perfect place to meet with partners on both sides of the table in an intimate environment. The way we have been doing this only gave these vendors a chance to meet with sellers. Now they can meet with buyers as well and provide relevant one on one expertise and training.

    For immediate consideration submit this form.

    Dues will be collected during the registration process for Network / University (available October 1).
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