New or returning members may join SkiTOPS at any time. Participation in upcoming events is subject to event registration deadlines, and whether the event has already sold-out.

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Supplier (Seller) Membership: Consisting of carriers, suppliers, purveyors of services and others whose products bring them in direct contact with ski travelers. Membership shall apply to single business address location.

ANNUAL DUES - by category

$2,000.00 - Ski resort companies which in addition to lift operations in more than one county also have 500 or more lodging units under management. Members in this category can request two Network appointment slots with each Tour Operator.

$1,000.00 - Ski resort companies with lifts in only one county, airline companies, publishers of magazines or newspapers, car rental companies with multiple locations, chamber of commerce or resort associations and lodging properties or property management companies with over 151 units/rooms under management.

$656.00 - Ground transportation companies, lodging or property management companies with 1 - 150 units/rooms under management, single location car rental companies, foreign ground package providers, ski rental companies, sleigh ride operators, balloon operators, snowmobile operators, software providers, internet marketing, computer related services or other providers of related activities that bring them in direct contact with ski travelers.

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