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Colorful accounts abound as to the beginning of Sun Valley, America's first resort devoted to winter fun. One thing is for sure, no other resort has had the same effect on visitors - from Europe nobility to Hollywood royalty to regular families made to feel like kings. Sun Valley's allure has touched them all.

It started in 1935 when an Austrian noble, Count Felixe Schoffgotsch, was hired by Averell Harriman to locate the magic spot for a grand American winter resort. With a local guide, the Count soon felt the area's unique effect. He wired Harriman: "This combines more delightful features than any place I have seen in the U.S., Switzerland or Austria for a winter resort." Harriman soon joined him, and within days purchased Sun Valley's first 4,300 acres. Much has changed since 1935, but what Sun Valley brings out in folk - the spirit of adventure, the classic smiles, the great sunny days - remains the same.

For generations ski clubs, professional associations, and groups of all sizes have been coming to Sun Valley. The Sun Valley Convention Center, located in the Sun Valley Inn, is the location of many club dances, banquests and professional meetings. Sun Valley's full service catering department can fulfill all group's special needs.

So as tourist, both domestic and international, rediscover America and American style, one original stands out: Sun Valley! For over 60 years Sun Valley has defined the American winter vacation. Readers of both Conde Nast Traveler and Ski Magazine recently voted Sun Valley the "number one ski resort in the U.S." Sun Valley acan satisfy a wide range of tastes, yet remain true to its own singular nature. Its a place to experience luxury, yet to feel at ease with oneself. No other place is quite like it; and no other place can call itself the original American winter resort. Sun Valley is the real thing.

Resort Information:

Mt. Baldy

  • Lifts: 13 Lifts - 7 HS quad, 4 triples and 2 double chairlifts
  • Ski Base Elevation: 5,750 feet
  • Peak Elevation: 9,150 feet

Dollar Mountain

  • Lifts: 4 Lifts - 1 triples and 3 double chairlifts
  • Ski Base Elevation: 6,010 feet
  • Peak Elevation: 6,638 feet

Combined Resort

  • Lifts: : Sun Valley Total Lifts: 20 (7 quads, 5 triples, 5 doubles, 2 surface, 1 wonder carpet)

    Total Sun Valley Lift Capacity Per Hour: 28,180 (per skier/boarder, Sun Valley has more uphill capacity than any other ski area)

    Average Skier Day: 3,500
    Snowmaking Acreage: 645 Percentage of Snowmaking (groomable terrain): 78% Snowmaking Vertical: 3,260

    Longest run: 3 miles
    Operating Hours: 9:00am - 4:00 pm

  • Skiable area: 2,054 Skiable Acres, 78 runs Groomable Acreage: 810

  • Ability: : 36% Easiest, 42% More Difficult, 22% Most Difficult

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